The All Together Now stage is once again invaded by the youngestwherewe have the certainty that the talent is ageless.In this special episode, 12 candidates do their best, hoping to convince the 100 judges and achieve the necessary score to sit on the podium.

At the end of the night, the three most scored will sing again, in a performance where they will do their best. In the end, only one will win this Kids Special.In this episode we have everything, fado, pop, rock, and even Portuguese popular music and many, many surprises. Starting with the opening, which will leave everyone gaping with a truly magical performance.There will be no shortage of exciting moments, like the story of a candidate who shaved her hair to keep her best friend who suffered from cancer company.

Likewise, a member of the family of one of the 100 jurors who participates as a false competitor and causes a real sea of tears. But there will also be moments of greatfun, such as the surprise of a popular singer to a candidate who is his unconditional fan.But there is much, much more to see in this episode, where the talent of the youngest reigns and takes over All Together Now.A program not to be missed. Sunday night, on your TVI.