• The filming of “El Tros,” the new rural reality show on TV3, has begun, where two experienced farmers and two inexperienced city dwellers will compete against each other in challenges related to the rural world. Leading this spectacular competition will be Anna Simon, who will have the assistance and guidance of Miquel Montoro and Marina Pifarré.

Anna Simon will be the host of El Tros, the new TV3 reality show set to premiere in autumn, where ten rural contestants compete to become the country’s best farmer. But they won’t do it alone. Each farmer will be paired with an urbanite. Together, they will have to overcome incredible physical challenges that will test their skills, knowledge, and above all, their endurance.

The five rural participants have extensive experience in the rural world. On the other hand, the city contestants don’t have much experience. They are people who find nature boring, don’t see the point in physical work, and prefer their mobile phones to fresh air. The two pairs of contestants will be divided into two teams: the red team and the blue team. Both will have to compete and demonstrate their skills in rural-themed competitions. The winners of each episode will have the privilege of sleeping in the farmhouse and receive a prize, while the losers will sleep in a shed and may also be nominated to leave the show.

Miquel Montoro, the agroyoutuber from Mallorca, and Marina Pifarré, a well-known and respected advocate of the rural world, will act as judges, accompanying and advising Anna Simon in the development of the competition’s challenges. Additionally, each episode will feature an expert in the theme of the episode, who will evaluate the contestants’ abilities and warn them about the difficulty of the tasks they have to perform. “El Tros,” a TV3 production in collaboration with Shine Iberia, is a spectacular competition that celebrates life in the countryside and allows us all to reconnect with our roots.

Anna Simon is a well-known Catalan presenter and actress who began her career in the entertainment industry as a collaborator on several successful TV shows, where she showcased her unique charisma and sense of humor. On TV3, she participated in “Divendres,” “Oh Happy Day!,” “Persona infiltrada,” and “Lloguer a primera vista.” In addition to her television work, she has also made forays into the world of film and theater, where she has demonstrated her artistic versatility in different fields. Her energy and spontaneity have made her a reference for humor and fun on television, earning her the affection and loyalty of a wide audience