Arnau became the winner of the ninth edition of ‘MasterChef 9’ after facing Meri in the final duel. The Catalan won the Masterchef España title in front of 2,023,000 viewers and a 21.9% audience share, the highest this season. The final was the leader in its broadcasting time slot, achieving La 1’s most watched minute at 23:10, with 2,620,000 people and a 19.3% share, and had up to 4,665,000 followers at some point. This Tuesday, La 1 led late night with 22.5%.

The ninth season of ‘MasterChef’ has had an average linear audience of 1,643,000 viewers and 15.1%, which rises to 2,214,000 and 18.5% when adding the deferred audience (in the absence of the final). MasterChef’ was the most watched deferred programme on La 1 in June.

Arnau, ninth MasterChef España
This 32-year-old from Barcelona entered the talent show’s kitchens trying to sell a tap to the judges and, after suffering almost all the eliminations, he has fought like a Viking to be the winner and make his dream come true: to link his life to gastronomy.

In the last test, Arnau and Meri offered the jury and the guest chef, Dabiz Muñoz, two menus that exceeded expectations. “You have designed and prepared two menus worthy of the final of ‘MasterChef 9’, which speak of you and your roots, but also of your evolution over the last few months. Arnau, you have worked very calmly, with the temperance to which we are accustomed. You have paid a beautiful tribute to your origins with a menu tied to Catalan gastronomy and in which you have highlighted the value of local products”, highlighted Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz.

Arnau won the 100,000 euros and the trophy of the programme, which he will display in the family farmhouse. “I’m very clear about where I’m going to put it, so that when people come home the first thing they see is the symbol of success and effort”. His cookbook will soon be in the bookshops and next year he will be studying for a Master’s degree in Cuisine, Technique and Product at the Basque Culinary Center. In addition, this Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences will award Meri and María with a Master’s Degree in Patisserie and an eight-week Specialisation Course, respectively.

A journey to their Catalan origins
For the final duel, Arnau proposed a “sensory journey” called “Origin”. The starter was “Campo”, a coca de recapte made with vegetables, mackerel with soya and miso paste, a roasted pepper cream and a bread in the shape of a tile. He also smoked it to symbolise “one of the oldest forms of agriculture, the controlled forest burnings, which give way to ploughing furrows”, which in his dish were made with aubergine. During the presentation, Pepe Rodríguez joked, pretending to be asleep during his long explanation. “I love what you say, but sometimes synthesising helps to focus the message. The dish is beautiful and delicious, although I would have appreciated more generosity. Let me enjoy it,” Dabiz Muñoz asked him. “When you make it good, we want more”, said Samantha Vallejo-Nágera after applauding him for his work.

He continued with “Bosque”: a carabinero carpaccio “with a chili crab sauce” and a pigeon cooked in two batches with its own juices. For the jury, this sea and mountain was haute cuisine. “You make a plea that brings tears to my eyes, talking about the local people, the local dishes… You tell me that we must not disconnect from what surrounds us and that your menu is inspired by this. You make a dish that is spectacular and you tell me that it has chili crab, when what I see is a sea and mountain with an incredible carabinero bisque. Don’t tell me it’s a chili crab sauce, because it doesn’t need it. This dish is the discourse you’ve told me, but when you say about the chilli crab… you’re out of your mind. Otherwise, a 10”, said Dabiz Muñoz.

To finish, he served a nitro ball of spiced Catalan cream, which he accompanied with a spiced carquiñol and a muscatel and egg yolk ice cream, a dessert christened “Luna”. “As a Catalan, I have seen my culture and my land reflected in your dessert. I don’t have half a problem with it. Good job, Arnau”, congratulated Jordi Cruz at the end of the service.