Everyone thinks they know his story, but he has never told it. Miguel Bosé was born and grew up in the spotlight, surrounded by popularity. He has been and is a desired character, loved, envied and criticised by the press and the public. From birth he was destined to break the mould and has forged a career full of successes.

Miguel Bosé has always protected his privacy at all costs. Now, in ‘Bosé Reborn’, he shows himself in full, as he has never done before. He gives voice to the most important moments, as well as the most difficult ones, of an extraordinary story. In a mind-boggling life full of light and shadow, Bosé is always reborn. This documentary series is the story of a star who broke all the rules and created his own.

“I decided, right now, to let go of almost all the past, because I needed to take off for a new flight, and it was very difficult and very complicated for me to do so with too much weight. It was a question of, at the same time as letting go of the ballast, finally giving freedom to each of the memories, thanking them, without resentment or reservation, for everything that has allowed me to grow and overcome each of life’s obstacles. And thus be at peace with them all. The feeling after completing this exercise is one of absolute lightness. As if, after a good, long, frank and friendly conversation, I had clarified my story. You can’t ask for more well-being. The life I have had to live is not only exceptional, it is unique and marvellous. The one I have left will be glorious. So I decree. That’s how it is. That’s how it’s going to be”, Miguel Bosé.


Throughout four episodes, Miguel Bosé shares the most important stages of his life, from his childhood to his long-awaited dream of becoming a father. From his debut in Florida Park, where he captivated the industry and the country, to his current life in Mexico. Bosé is an international artist who has been active for almost five decades: he has triumphed both in music (he has sold more than 30 million records worldwide) and in film, with an extensive career behind him. He is also an outstanding television presenter and has experience as a theatre director.

The son of the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín and the Italian actress Lucía Bosé, he has surrounded himself since he was a child with personalities from the world of culture and show business, such as Pablo Picasso, whom he saw as a grandfather, his godfather Luchino Visconti and Dalí, among many others.

In ‘Bosé Reborn’, the artist’s most intimate side is personified in the four houses that have been the backbone of his life, scenarios full of memories and experiences, whose doors Miguel Bosé opens for us: the Villa Paz estate (Saelices, Cuenca), the family home in Somosaguas (Madrid), the new house in Somosaguas, which he built, and the residence in Mexico, where he currently lives with his children. Through his houses, his music, his family photo albums and the testimonies of those closest to him, we get to know Miguel.


Bosé Reborn’ features testimonies from family members, such as his sisters Lucía and Paola; his manager Rosa Lagarrigue; and numerous friends such as Alejandro Sanz, Ana Torroja, Mercedes Milá, Boris Izaguirre, Alaska, Lolita Flores, Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro, Juanes, Victoria Abril, Fernando Colomo, Manolo Caro, Alejandro González Iñarritu, José Luis García Berlanga, Patrice Calmette, Francis Montesinos, Nacho Duato, Bibiana Fernández, Malú and Pablo Alborán, and journalists such as Santiago Alcanda, Rosa Villacastín and Rosana Torres.

The interviews have been recorded in different Spanish cities such as Madrid, San Sebastián, and Valencia, as well as other international locations such as Miami, Italy, Mexico and London.


Title: Bosé Reborn
Technical description: 4 episodes of 60′.
Production Company: Shine Iberia
Executive Producer: Macarena Rey, Ana Rivas
Directed by: Pite Piñas, María Pulido
Movistar Plus+ Executive Producer: Jorge Ortiz de Landázuri, Marijo Larrañaga
Movistar Plus+ Content Delegate: Deborah Chacón
Movistar Plus+ Delegate Producer: Mario Lavirgen
Director: Juan Antonio Zamorano
Director of photography: Fran Torrebejano, Israel Sánchez Beato
Script: María Fernández, Boris Izaguirre
Editing: David Iñurrieta
Production Manager: Bibiana Bergia
Production Manager: Ana Palmeiro
Guest Coordination: Pilar Bay
Documentation: Carmen Prieto

Bosé Renacido a four-episode Movistar Plus+ original documentary series, in collaboration with Shine Iberia, will arrive on 5 September on the platform.