• The Spanish edition of ‘HairStyle, The Talent Show’ will be hosted by Maestro Rossano Ferretti and stylist Beatriz Matallana.
  • The new hairdressing talent show produced by Shine Iberia will arrive in Spain this autumn and will be broadcast on DKISS and as part of Rakuten TV’s exclusive content catalogue.
  • HairStyle, The Talent Show’ is a production of Shine Iberia (A Banijay Company) with AlfaParf Milano Professional as the main partner of the project.

23 October 2023 – The new hairdressing talent show ‘HairStyle’ produced by Shine Iberia (A Banijay Company) will arrive in Spain this autumn. It will be broadcast on DKISS free-to-air and for the whole of Spain via DTT and will also form part of Rakuten TV’s exclusive content catalogue. This new format, which is looking for the next big name in hairdressing in our country, will be hosted by Master Rossano Ferretti and stylist Beatriz Matallana.
A new format for everyone. Ten professional hairdressers from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and the United States will have to demonstrate their talent, skill and creativity in front of Master Rossano Ferretti, who will host the talent show, broadcast on a global scale in its five versions. In each of the editions, Rossano Ferretti will assess the contestants’ work, accompanied by a co-host from each country. They will not be alone: well-known celebrities will visit the salon to give insights into their hair and lifestyle routines.
Adapting to clients’ requests, studying their physical features and advising them on the hair colours and haircuts that suit them best, creating hairstyles for special occasions and rescuing damaged hair are some of the challenges the ‘HairStyle’ contestants will face.

They will also have to prove their skill with the brushes, as they will have to complete their hairstyles with dreamy make-up. They will put their creativity and their vision of hairdressing to the test to get their name into every home on the planet. The winner of each edition of ‘HairStyle’ will win a prize worth 150,000 euros that will allow them to open a super exclusive salon with the advice of a team of experts led by Rossano Ferretti. In addition, she will be supported by the programme’s partner brands and will receive an additional cheque for 10,000 euros to invest in her salon. He will also become part of the international team of teachers of the prestigious master’s degree in hairdressing ‘MDB Education’.

A TV set converted into a large salon.In order to make the dream of ‘HairStyle’ come true, a TV set has been transformed into a large hairdressing salon of 1,000 m2 with everything necessary to carry out spectacular work.The first images of the salon show work stations with all the hairdressing tools available to carry out spectacular jobs, independent washing rooms to offer individualised treatment to clients and a large shelf that houses the best hair products for dyeing hair and improving its condition, as well as natural hair extensions in a wide variety of colours.With all these products, the ‘HairStyle’ contestants will be able to complete all the challenges with high-quality materials provided by the programme’s partner brands: AlfaParf Milano Professional, Rossano Ferretti Parma, Gama Professional, Maletti and Great Lengths.

Leading presenters in the world of styling. Maestro Rossano Ferretti is one of the world’s most renowned hairstylists. He is the third generation of a family of hairdressers and from Campegine, a small Italian village of only 500 inhabitants, he has created a global empire. Renowned for hair care through designer Italian products, his prestigious hair salons are a haven for many celebrities, royalty and VIPs from around the world. Some of these salons are located in Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, Dubai or Madrid. Rossano Ferretti is also known worldwide as the creator of the revolutionary “invisible cut” method. For decades, Rossano Ferretti has been advocating the position that hair should be cut in a personalised way, taking into account the hair’s natural fall, texture and movement. In addition, it should be cared for with a hair routine tailored to the individual. At a time when incorporating skin care ingredients into hair care was a rarity, Rossano Ferretti was a pioneer in researching the link between the two and was at the forefront of the ‘skinification’ movement.

It must also be cared for with a hair care routine tailored to the individual. At a time when incorporating skin care ingredients into hair care was a rarity, Rossano Ferretti was a pioneer in researching the link between the two and was at the forefront of the ‘skinification’ movement.He has also published educational books and contributed to publications such as Vogue.Rossano Ferretti’s next challenge is to become host and judge of the new hairdressing talent show ‘HairStyle, The Talent Show’.
Beatriz Matallana is a renowned hairstylist, make-up artist and fashion expert whose talent and passion for beauty have made her a reference in the industry.With a professional career spanning two decades, Beatriz has led the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hairdressing team for more than 40 editions.She has worked closely with designers and models to create avant-garde and elegant hairstyles.In addition to her runway experience, Beatriz has worked on hundreds of hair and make-up projects for fashion campaigns, advertising and audiovisual productions.

Her ability to enhance the beauty of each person has led her to collaborate with celebrities such as Shakira, Elsa Pataki, Amaia Salamanca, Lali Espósito, Black Eyed Peas or Pierce Brosnan.Beatriz has also been a jury member for important national and international awards, such as the International Hairdresser Awards and the Figaro Awards.Beatriz Matallana joins Rossano Ferretti as a judge for the Spanish edition of ‘HairStyle, The Talent Show’ to contribute her experience, knowledge and judgement of the world of fashion and beauty.

The premiere in Spain, on DKISS and RAKUTEN TV. DKISS will broadcast this new format, free-to-air and for the whole of Spain, on DTT. DKISS is the channel where life surprises you: it has a programme full of unique stories of very different people who offer inspiring tales that leave no one indifferent. The medical genre, crime and the fascination of the everyday make up a thematic offer whose audience is constantly growing. Since it started broadcasting in 2016, it has become the most successful of the latest batch of channels launched on national DTT. DKISS belongs to the KISS Media group, owner of the radio stations KISS FM and HIT FM and also of the music TV channel HIT TV.

Rakuten TV adds this new programme to its catalogue of free content (AVOD) and within the line up of exclusive FAST content in Spain, being one of the platform’s new releases after Karate Do: the journey of Sandra Sánchez and Bojan Krkić, beyond the smile.Rakuten TV is one of Europe’s leading streaming platforms, combining TVOD (transactional VOD), AVOD (ad-supported VOD) and FAST (ad-supported free streaming TV) services to offer a universe of content that makes the experience as simple as possible for its audience.Rakuten TV is available in 43 European territories and currently reaches more than 140 million households thanks to the remote control button and its pre-installed app for devices from leading Smart TV manufacturers.Rakuten TV is part of Rakuten Group, Inc. one of the world’s leading Internet services companies focused on e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communication.