• Raquel Sánchez Silva presents the fourth edition of the talent of sewing and fashion design in which twelve new apprentices seek to realize their dream: to be able to dedicate themselves professionally to sewing
  • Lorenzo Caprile, Alejando G. Palomo and María Escoté will once again form the demanding jury that will put the fourth generation of ‘Masters of Couture’ to the test: they are Elena, Yelimar, Mily, Laura, Nani, Ana, Álvaro, Ancor, Javier, Fermín, Gabriel and Lluís
  • The trainees will work hard making paper and latex clothing, sustainable swimwear, theatre costumes or bags. They will also pay tribute to Catalan fashion and great designers such as Jesús del Pozo and Manuel Pertegaz
  • The designers Roberto Diz, Marcos Luengo, Sandy Powell, the singers Ana Belén, Alaska and Ainhoa Arteta, the presenter Boris Izaguirre, the stylist Josie or the models Laura Sánchez and Eugenia Silva, among the guests of the season
  • Premiere next Monday 25th January at 10pm on La1, RTVE.

January 19, 2021.– Elena, Yelimar, Mily, Laura, Nani, Ana, Álvaro, Ancor, Javier, Fermín, Gabriel and Lluís are the 12 apprentices who, out of the more than 14,000 presented at the casting, form the fourth generation of ‘Masters of Couture’. Only one of them will fulfil his dream of making the leap into professional fashion. Raquel Sánchez Silva is clear about this: “We have everything ready to enjoy ‘Masters of Couture 4’, the most exciting and exciting season to date”. The presenter, one more edition, will be accompanied by Lorenzo Caprile, Alejandro G. Palomo and María Escoté, the jury that will help the twelve new apprentices, to whom they will demand more than ever dedication, professionalism, humility and a responsible use of materials. The fourth season of ‘Maestros de la Costura’ comes to La 1 de TVE on 25th January at 22:00.
The talent of sewing and fashion design, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, offers another season of training that none of the apprentices would find in any sewing academy, as they will be rubbing shoulders with an exclusive cast of professionals of the highest level. In this adventure Caprile, Palomo and Escoté will be their advisors and will help them to make the leap into professional fashion, thus fulfilling their dreams and, at the same time, they will not lose an ounce of exigency and will demand that the workshop of ‘Masters of Couture 4’ surpasses the work of previous editions. The new generation will have the support of Raquel Sánchez Silva, who one more season will show in each program the best designs of the main national dressmakers, leading the enormous talent that exists in our country.

The apprentice who is crowned as winner of ‘Masters of Couture 4’ will take the gold mannequin, 50,000 euros in cash and a specialized training course in Fashion Design at the Centro Superior de Moda of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In addition, the second place winner will receive a Vogue diploma in Fashion Styling and Production to train with the best professionals in the sector and in the magazine, given by Condé Nast College Spain in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid. And that’s not all: the programme has also decided to reward the third and fourth place winners, who will receive from Eometric, the revolutionary unisex pattern making method created by master pattern maker and designer Estanislao, which will be taught in a five-day workshop format at his prestigious training centre in Barcelona.

Sustainability and inclusive fashion
In its fourth season ‘Masters of Sewing’ redoubles its commitment to sustainability and the use of resources, proposing tests where the apprentices will work with materials such as paper or cork, or challenges of circular and sustainable fashion where they will have to update a current garment from old fabrics and pieces or make a 100% sustainable garment. But if there is a reason why ‘Masters of Sewing 4’ stands out, it is because of the standardisation of inclusive fashion, with trials where the apprentices will work with male and female models of very different sizes or exciting challenges such as a translingerie trial, in which the apprentices will have to make lingerie for trans people.

Of course, the programme will pay tribute to the health workers who are working so hard in times of pandemic. Fashion is the third sector most affected by the Covid-19 crisis and the trainees will join the cause with a challenge never seen before: the design and manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Of course there will also be space to continue enjoying the contrast between the current and the classic, with tests dedicated to latex or trap as opposed to others dedicated to theatre costumes, iconic Spanish film designs or flamenco fashion. And as with each edition, there will be no shortage of tributes to great masters of national design and sewing, such as Jesús del Pozo and Manuel Pertegaz. In addition, the judges will once again highlight the importance of men’s fashion in the sector with challenges such as the production of luxury men’s fashion.

Programme by programme the trainees will be advised and receive valuable advice from great guests such as fashion designers Jan Taminau, Roberto Diz, Estel Pérez, Ángel Schlesser, Marcos Luengo, Jorge Vázquez (creative director of Pertegaz), Sandy Powell (3 Oscar awards and 3 Bafta awards for best costume design), young designer Arturo Obegero, singers Ana Belén, Ainhoa Arteta, Alaska, La Terremoto de Alcorcón and Bad Gyal, the actresses Bibiana Fernández, Anabel Alonso and Loles León, the models Laura Sánchez, Lorena Durán and Eugenia Silva, the presenter Boris Izaguirre, the stylist and finalist of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’ Josie, the artist Paco Clavel, the decorator Lorenzo del Castillo, or former apprentices such as Joshua Velázquez (winner of ‘Maestros de la Costura 3’), Marc Vidal or Eduardo Navarrete, among others.

As if that were not enough, the apprentices will learn how to work in the atelier of Ángel Schlesser and that of Marcos Luengo, they will go into the tailoring shop of the Teatro Real in Madrid, they will travel to Barcelona to pay tribute to Catalan fashion, they will learn to embroider in Lagartera (Toledo), they will visit the castle of Viñuelas or they will experience first hand the flamenco fashion in El Rocío (Huelva).