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At just 11 years old, with a special charisma and a powerful voice, Jesús Gabriel managed to shine in the musical talent ‘Prodigios’ by obtaining the title of ‘Prodigio del año’. This young Venezuelan, nicknamed the Caribbean Lucciano Pavarotti, sang in the final duel ‘O sole mio’ and excited the attendees of the final gala, held at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center in Valladolid.

In the hands of the public was the most important decision of the night: choosing the winner of the second edition of ‘Prodigios’ through an electronic voting system. “I want to thank everyone who voted for me and, above all, my mother who has helped me,” said an excited Jesús Gabriel after learning that he was the winner.

Before submitting to the public vote, he conquered Ainhoa ​​Arteta and became the best in the singing category with the Neapolitan theme ‘Torna a Surriento’, composed in 1902 by the brothers Ernesto and Giambattista De Curtis, a theme “very important ”to him because it was his grandfather’s favorite song. “Every day I am hallucinating more with you. The repertoire you have chosen is one of the things that fascinates me the most, because it is very suitable for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to lyrics, ”said Ainhoa ​​Arteta before giving him the last advice and his verdict. “For the innate voice, for wisdom, for respect for life, I want him to go to the final and also be a beneficiary of this Jesús Gabriel scholarship,” said the soprano.

In addition, with his magnificent performance he got the applause of the entire jury. “You are very cool, in the organic concept of the word. There are people who prepare to go on stage, put their voice and sing, but you are a genius inside and outside. You have that genuine germ that makes you and only you ”, Andrés Salado congratulated him. Nacho Duato was also impressed: “I not only like to hear you sing, I like to hear you speak. Everything you say makes sense. I would almost say that you are full of poetry. I do not know if you are going to win, it does not matter, but every day you have been earning me more and more ”, congratulated the choreographer.

Jesús Gabriel will enjoy an Intensive Improvement Course at the prestigious Center for High Musical Performance at the Alfonso X El Sabio University in Madrid, in addition to 20,000 euros in cash. The winners in the dance and instrumental categories, Ana Molina and Adriana Puértolas, will also enjoy this improvement course. The presenter Boris Izaguirre was in charge of giving another of the big surprises of the edition, because, after the call of an anonymous benefactor, the five finalists of ‘Prodigios’ will get 5,000 euros in cash donated by this lover of culture and art.

The victory of Jesús Gabriel in this second edition of the format was seen by more than a million and a half viewers and reached 10.3% of the screen share in his farewell.