• Presented by Roberto Leal, Eva Hache and LEGO© designer Pablo González are the two members of the jury who assess the contestants’ work.
  • In ‘LEGO Masters’, eight pairs of LEGO fans will compete against each other to become the best builders.
  • Actor and presenter Florentino Fernández will be the first guest on the show.
  • This talent show is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Shine Iberia.
  • The format has already been adapted with great success in numerous countries such as the USA, Germany, Holland, France, Australia and the UK.

LEGO Masters’ lands this Wednesday 15 December (22:45) on Antena 3. Atresmedia continues its commitment to adapting the big international hit formats. To the long list of programmes currently on air, next week sees the arrival of this new format that is taking the show by storm wherever it goes.

LEGO Masters’ is one of the most adapted international formats in the last two years, along with ‘Mask Singer’ and ‘I Can See Your Voice’ (‘Veo cómo cantas’), also adapted by Atresmedia. The Spanish version of the format is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Shine Iberia.

At the helm of ‘LEGO Masters’ is Roberto Leal, the perfect master of ceremonies. After sweeping daily with ‘Pasapalabra’ and triumphing in prime time with the first edition of ‘El Desafío’, Leal will take the baton of this new format for prime time.

The presenter will be accompanied by Eva Hache and Pablo González as members of the jury, who will be in charge of assessing the work of the builders.

The passion for LEGO has thousands of fans all over the world and hundreds of couples have applied for the casting of the first edition of ‘LEGO Masters’ in Spain. This spectacular competition involves the eight best pairs of builders in the country, who will showcase their talent, skill and creativity in each work, made exclusively with LEGO. Only one pair will win the title of Lego Masters Spain, the programme’s trophy and the prize money of 50,000 euros. In addition, the winners and the duelists will have the privilege of exhibiting their creations at the LEGO Flagship Store in Barcelona.

Two great challenges on a spectacular set

In each programme, the couples face two challenges. Time will be of the essence when working on ‘LEGO Masters’, as there will be quick tests to assemble a two-metre long bridge or reproduce a retro object, and other more complex ones, in which they will have more time to create spectacular worlds. Each pair will be in charge of a LEGO world, incorporating spectacular elements and constructions, realistic creations and complex mechanisms. For example, they will have 15 hours to create a section of an amusement park with a motorised attraction or build an iconic Spanish monument on a small scale in 10 hours. Each week, the couple whose creations have not exceeded the level required by the jury in these two challenges will leave the competition.

To make everything they imagine come true, the programme will provide them with more than 2,500,000 pieces, divided into 2,000 buckets, and 7,000 LEGO minifigures. Among them will be recreations of the presenter, the judges and even the contestants themselves. Thanks to animation and new recording techniques, such as stop motion, ‘LEGO Masters’ will bring to life what the participants have created.

This is what the first programme of ‘LEGO Masters’ will be like.

Finally, the builders will be able to make all their dreams come true on the set of ‘LEGO Masters’. The eight pairs of builders will start by laying their first bricks in a spectacular amusement park and each team will be in charge of a plot of land. Eventually, all the parts will be joined together by train tracks. They will have to fill it with fantasy, life and fun, using a motorised attraction. The ‘LEGO Masters’ jury is eager to assess the level of the pairs and find out if they are as good as they can be. At stake will be a huge advantage for the next challenge, so they should not forget that this is not only a game, but also a competition.

The key to the last challenge of the night will be hidden under four boxes containing a transistor, an instant camera, a Super 8 camera and an old telephone. The builders will be in charge of making a perfect replica of these retro objects. Aesthetics and colour have to be exact. The jury will be demanding about the small details and the technique used. There is no margin for error, so concentration must be at its highest if they don’t want to say goodbye to the show. The actor and TV presenter Florentino Fernández will be the main guest on this first programme, and he will even take part in the test with a reproduction.