• Almost 30,000 candidates have participated in the casting. Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz will be more demanding than ever • Premiere on Monday, April 13 at 10:05 p.m. on La 1

‘MasterChef’ returns. The eighth season of the culinary talent produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia arrives at La 1 next Monday, April 13. On this occasion, almost 30,000 candidates have participated in the casting to make way for professional chefs.

Due to the registration record, the jury will be assisted by three outstanding students. Carlos Maldonado, Jorge Brazález and Marta Verona will supervise the test of the best 50. But after that test, the process will not end, since the jury will only deliver 10 white and 10 black aprons. The latter must demonstrate at the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres) that they have the potential to train in these kitchens.

Among those selected, an Air Force commander who dreams of being a girl Almodóvar; a Cuban who wants to make her hobby of cooking a profession; a musician who has had several businesses where he has sold from spices to erotic toys; a teacher of oratory with much lip; a caretaker who is similar to Chus Lampreave and who cooked for Adolfo Suárez; or a former truck driver and former hairdresser expert in traditional cuisine.

New dynamics, challenges and many Michelin stars

To surprise applicants, the jury will present new challenges and dynamics. In an outdoor test, captains will choose their team in exchange for minutes of cooking. The black aprons will work in pairs and, in another test, the saved will stand in front of the stove on behalf of those on the tightrope and cook for them to save them.

The applicants will cook for some of the actors in the cast of ‘La Casa de papel’ In other tests, they will travel to Frigiliana (Málaga) to visit the only cane honey factory in Europe, visit a coffee plantation in Gran Canaria, and pay tribute to elite athletes in the High Performance Center and will serve tapas in Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020.

The apprentices will receive important lessons from the chefs Ángel León, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, Toño Pérez, Dani García, Luis Valls, Benito Gómez or Pablo González, Marcos Morán and Luis Veira. In addition, Andrea Tumbarello, the pastry chef Christian Escribà and the pastry chef Alejandra Rivas, among others.

Applicants from other editions will return to pose more challenges. Tamara Falcó, Saúl Craviotto or Félix Gómez will be some ‘Celebrities’ who will support them. And adults or Junior, like Teresa, Aitana, Josecho, Vega, Albert, Jefferson or Juan Antonio.

The jury will continue to raise awareness of the importance of harvesting and the proximity organic product. Applicants will have to familiarize themselves with haute cuisine culinary techniques, such as cooking at low temperatures, osmotizing or nitrogenous. And they will learn batch cooking: prepare the tuppers of the week in a few hours.

The winner will take the trophy, 100,000 euros, the possibility of publishing their own recipe book and a Master’s Degree in Cuisine, Technique and Product at the Basque Culinary Center Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences. The second classified, with a Master in Pastry, and the third, with an eight-week Specialization Course will also be trained in this center.

‘MasterChef’ in RR.SS.

MasterChef Spain continues to grow digitally, with two million followers on its accounts. You can comment @masterchef_es live from Twitter through the official hashtag. The profile on Instagram continues to rise thanks to new formats, such as recipes live during quarantine and Facebook continues to be the absolute leader. In addition, it has made the jump to TikTok. The program’s website at RTVE.es and the YouTube channel show the best moments and generate extra content. In addition, the MasterChef Online School expands its contents every month with more than 300 classes with new recipes and tricks.

‘MasterChef’ is culturally sponsored by the El Corte Inglés supermarket and Bosch Electrodomésticos.