• With David Bustamante, Victoria Abril, Verónica Forqué, Carmina Barrios, Miki Nadal, Terelu Campos, Juanma Castaño, Vanesa Romero, Iván Sánchez, Belén López, Arkano, Samantha Hudson, Tamara, Yotuel, Eduardo Navarrete and Julian Iantzi.
  • Under the watchful eye of the jury, they will play Goose, take part in karaoke, reproduce haute patisserie, see their futures read and compete against Juniors.
  • Watch the presentation of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’ at the FesTVal again.

The contestants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’, David Bustamante, Victoria Abril, Verónica Forqué, Carmina Barrios, Miki Nadal, Terelu Campos, Juanma Castaño, Vanesa Romero, Iván Sánchez, Belén López, Arkano, Samantha Hudson, Tamara, Yotuel, Eduardo Navarrete and Julian Iantzi are taking up the apron in the most extreme edition of the talent show on La 1, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia.

The sixth edition of the programme was presented again this Friday at FesTVal in an event hosted by RTVE’s Director of Communication and Participation, María Eizaguirre. RTVE’s Director of Originals, Ana Mª Bordas, recalled the success of previous editions (with three million viewers and a 25% share in the last final) and is confident of repeating it, “because with this edition we are keeping the bar very high and even surpassing it”. Bordas explained that in ‘MasterChef’ many emotions are experienced “that make the viewer vibrate”, but also reflects “respect and transmission of positive values, which is our commitment”.

Macarena Rey, CEO of Shine Iberia, assures that “we are in great shape despite the complications of the pandemic. The format is still very healthy and we believe that there is ‘MasterChef’ for a long time”. As for the casting of this edition, it is “heterogeneous and great. We haven’t made a cooking show; we’ve made a sitcom. “There has been no bad feeling between them despite the tension, which brings out the truth”.

Sixth edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.
MasterChef Celebrity’ has the most diverse casting in its history, thanks to which viewers will discover the zen side of Verónica Forqué or the more competitive side of David Bustamante. There will be comic moments with Samantha Hudson’s crazy philosophy of life; or with the rivalry between arch-enemies Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal. There will even be those who, like Arkano, try to find love on the programme.

The passion for gastronomy and the desire to win has led the contestants to knock on the door of the best national kitchens, including those distinguished with Repsol Suns and Michelin stars. No effort is in vain when it comes to dazzling the relentless jury: Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera.

The winner will get the talent trophy and 75,000 euros to donate to an NGO. The duelists, for themselves and a companion, will have a weekend creative cooking course at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. In addition, each week a candidate will win 4,000 euros, which they can donate to the NGO of their choice if they win in any of the tests.

With this desire to excel, more than one has ended up discovering an unknown vocation. This is the case of Raquel Meroño, Tamara Falcó and Ona Carbonell. The dishes that the actress and winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’ has introduced in the menu of her beach bar, Carbones 13, have been a great success. In addition, she will open a new restaurant very soon. Meanwhile, the Marquesa de Griñón and winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 4’ continues her culinary training to become a chef and the captain of the Spanish synchronised swimming team and winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’ is working in a well-known Japanese-Mediterranean restaurant in Madrid.

Extracting bone marrow from a tuna, competing against the Juniors…
For weeks, the contestants will face increasingly complicated challenges: cooking a dish on a tight budget, taking orders from the MasterChef Family delivery menu, ordering and interpreting sequences of a recipe by reading QR codes and reproducing haute patisserie. As if that wasn’t enough, they have to demonstrate the precision of a surgeon when cleaning spelt, removing the yolks from a sea urchin or extracting the bone marrow from the spine of a tuna. They will also have to experience what it feels like to have your fortune told and they will show their funniest and most carefree side with the ‘MasterChef’ goose game and a very special karaoke.

The kitchen will move to emblematic places: the Alcázar of Segovia, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, the island of Lazareto (Menorca) and the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste (Cáceres), among others. This will be the first time that a television programme has filmed at some of these sites, most of which are national, European and World Heritage treasures.

The aspirants will work under the orders of Martín Berasategui and Ricardo Sanz, will reproduce a menu by Joan Roca, which will be paired with cavas by Pitu Roca, will take over the kitchen of Diverxo and will even compete against some of the most brilliant mini chefs of ‘MasterChef Junior’, in the first competition of children against celebrities.

Celebrities, former contestants and lots of chefs
Many well-known faces will visit the programme, such as comedian Carlos Latre, actress Cristina Medina, journalist José Ramón de la Morena, presenter Berta Collado, former swimmer Gemma Mengual, the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, and singers Antonio Carmona, Pitingo, Abraham Mateo and Ana Guerra.

They should heed the advice of ex-aspirants Josie, Boris Izaguirre, Anabel Alonso and Bibiana Fernández (Las Retales), the Terremoto de Alcorcón, Florentino Fernández, Gonzalo Miró, Antonia Dell’Atte, Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo and Félix Gómez. Guadalupe and Aurelia, winner and runner-up of ‘MasterChef Abuelos’, as well as Arnau París, Ana Iglesias and Aleix Puig, winners of the last editions of ‘MasterChef’, will also be present. Some of the great chefs of our country will also be present: Ángel León (3), Dabiz Muñoz (3), Jesús Sánchez (3), Quique Dacosta (3), Óscar Velasco (2) and Toño Pérez (2).

Infiltrated with RoEnLaRed, Abel Arana’s backstage and much more…
MasterChef Spain continues to be a benchmark in the digital world and social networks. The talent show has more than 3.8 million followers among its official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This season, the main new feature will be its YouTube channel (715K subscribers).

For the first time, a team from ‘MasterChef XTRA’ led by RoEnLaRed will go into the recordings of the spectacular outdoor tests to show viewers a complete and hilarious making of with all the secrets and craziness behind the scenes. To do so, the presenter and youtuber RoEnLaRed (1.21M followers on YouTube and 402K on Instagram) will become the ‘Infiltrada en MasterChef Celebrity 6’. In addition, the talent show will continue to strengthen its relationship with TikTok and its growth within the platform with exclusive live shows in which well-known creators will participate. For his part, Abel Arana will comment on Twitter “the B side” and will chat with the celebrities in their dressing rooms to give away the funniest backstage moments, material also available on MasterChef’s YouTube channel.

MasterChef Celebrity’ is sponsored by El Supermercado de El Corte Inglés and Bosch Electrodomésticos.