Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz, and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera are almost ready to start filming ‘MasterChef Celebrity 9’. The only thing missing is the most important part: getting to know the contestants. Former president of the Community of Madrid and TV collaborator Cristina Cifuentes; businessman and aristocrat José María Martínez-Bordiú, better known as Pocholo; actors Hiba Abouk, Francis Lorenzo, María León, Itziar Miranda, Rubén Ochandiano, and Jose Lamuño; comedian and presenter Nerea Garmendia; stylist and digital creator Pelayo Díaz; content creators Marina Rivers and Inés Hernand; journalist, comedian, and member of Gomaespuma Juan Luis Cano; athlete Raúl Gómez, known as ‘Marathon Man’; flamenco and soul singer Pitingo; and gallery owner and artist Topacio Fresh are ready to demonstrate their mastery with knives and the excellence of their dishes before television’s most demanding jury.

Very soon, one of them will claim the throne of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ after last year’s victory of Colombian actress Laura Londoño, who emerged as the winner. The contestant secured the title of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 8’ with 1,268,000 viewers and a 16.7% audience share, 1.3 points higher than the previous edition. A total of 3,447,000 followers watched the show at some point, making it an absolute leader in its time slot. A total of 14,427,000 people watched at some point during the eighth edition of the culinary talent show, which garnered an average of 1,176,000 viewers, a 15.9% share, and averaged 3,808,000 contacts.