• The comedian Florentino Fernández tours the Community of Madrid in search of anonymous people whose lives should be told on the big screen.
  • This travelling summer cinema will stop in Chinchón, Becerril, Alcalá de Henares, Zarzalejo, Cabanillas de la Sierra, Bustarviejo, Moralzarzal and Valdetorres del Jarama, to hear the emotional stories, solidarity and overcoming of their neighbours.
  • Premiere on Wednesday 13 October, at 22:30, on TeleMadrid.

Cinema moves us, opens windows to other worlds, tells us incredible stories… But, almost always, reality surpasses fiction. From Wednesday 13 October at 10.30pm on TeleMadrid, comedian Florentino Fernández will be travelling around the Madrid region with the programme ‘Vidas de cine’, a RTVM production in collaboration with Shine Iberia, in search of anonymous people whose lives need to be told on the big screen.
Every week, Flo will visit a different part of Madrid with a travelling open-air cinema, to which all the inhabitants of the town will be invited for a very special screening. There, Flo will show emotional stories of solidarity and overcoming of their neighbours, paying a heartfelt tribute to their protagonists. Both the audience and the viewers of the programme will be surprised by the stories and testimonies of those who take part in each ‘film’.
We will get to know, for example, the case of Miriam, who, without any knowledge of the hotel and catering business, took over the restaurant La casa del pregonero (Chinchón), the dream of her brother Jesús. Thanks to her efforts, she has managed to keep it open and thus fulfil her promise. Another of the protagonists will be Audrey, an unstoppable girl. Despite being born with a disease that prevented her from walking, she has won many victories in the world of sport. Against all odds, she has overcome adversity and has become a point of reference for many young people. Likewise, in Cabanillas de la Sierra, a tribute will be paid to Lolo. With his alternative teaching methods, this teacher has revolutionised the town and has become the Best Teacher in Madrid and all of Spain. Alcalá de Henares, Zarzalejo, Becerril, Bustarviejo, Moralzarzal and Valdetorres del Jarama will be other stops where authentic ‘Vidas de cine’ will be screened.