María Lo will guide us through her gastronomic universe with different recipes bearing her personal touch, such as squid brioche, seafood suquet, cheek croquettes, Bilbao-style turbot, and cheesecake. The show will feature prominent guests, including artist Samantha Hudson; Eneko, the winner of MasterChef 11; Michelin-starred chef Martina Puigvert; music groups Cariño and La La Love You; writer and veterinarian María Sánchez; wild plant expert Blanca del Noval; influencer and comedian Xurxo Carreño; actor Ander Puig; and psychologist Patricia Pasquín. The premiere is set for September 8 on RTVE Play.

On September 4, 2023 – Cuisine encompasses infinite nuances. It can awaken your most primal instincts or lead you to experience entirely unknown flavors and sensations. It’s also a personal hallmark. There are no two identical ways to cook. And Maria Lo knows this very well. In ‘Lo: cocina, producto y naturaleza,’ the winner of MasterChef 10 showcases her gastronomic style through recipes that define her perfectly. With marked Asian influences, Maria Lo will share her cooking tips and highlight local produce, paying attention to every detail. Produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, this format will enrich the catalog of original content on RTVE Play from September 8, giving a new twist to traditional cooking shows.

Over 13 episodes, Maria Lo will be joined by a diverse cast of guests with whom she will cook hand in hand: artist Samantha Hudson, Eneko (MasterChef 11 winner), Michelin-starred chef Martina Puigvert, music groups Cariño and La La Love You, writer and veterinarian María Sánchez, wild plant expert Blanca del Noval, influencer and comedian Xurxo Carreño, actor Ander Puig, and psychologist Patricia Pasquín. In each episode, Maria Lo and her guests will explore different themes, from managing success to social media posturing, and addressing topics such as sexual diversity, among others.

In addition to the episodes, RTVE Play and the RTVE Cooking Portal will provide all the details and step-by-step instructions for the featured recipes in each chapter. Through dishes like Bilbao-style turbot, cheek croquettes, cheesecake, or squid brioche, viewers will delve into Maria Lo’s gastronomic philosophy to learn her culinary tricks. All of this will unfold against natural landscapes, from olive and carob fields to beautiful scenes sailing aboard a boat. Local cuisine will also play a fundamental role in the show, as Maria Lo explores a local market and shows us how various products like mussels or oysters are cultivated.

Born in Cádiz to a Chinese father and a mother from Chiclana, Maria Lo currently resides in Barcelona. Always connected to the culinary world in some way, her victory in MasterChef 10, following her studies in hotel management, became the turning point that led her to fully embrace gastronomy. Her Master’s in technique, product, and creativity from the Basque Culinary Center solidified the pillars of her culinary philosophy: quality raw materials, locally sourced ingredients, and flavor. With over 369,000 followers on her official Instagram profile, Maria Lo has made her mark on social media as a culinary content creator, as evidenced by her award in the gastronomy category at the Ídolo Awards. Now, Maria Lo opens the doors to her world. Are you ready to step inside?