• Roberto Leal will be the master of ceremonies of this new programme after sweeping daily with ‘Pasapalabra’ and triumphing with the first edition of ‘El Desafío’.
  • In ‘LEGO Masters’, pairs of Lego fans will compete against each other to become the best builders.
  • Eva Hache and LEGO designer Pablo González will be the two members of the jury who will assess the contestants’ work.
  • This talent show will be produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Shine Iberia.
  • The format has already been adapted with great success in numerous countries such as the USA, Germany, Holland, France, Australia and the UK.

LEGO Masters’ is one of the most adapted international formats in the last two years. The Spanish version of the format is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Shine Iberia.

Leading ‘LEGO Masters’ will be Roberto Leal, the perfect master of ceremonies. After sweeping daily with ‘Pasapalabra’ and triumphing in prime time with the first edition of ‘El Desafío’, Leal will take the baton of this new format for prime time.

The presenter will be accompanied by Eva Hache and Pablo González as members of the jury, who will be in charge of assessing the work of the builders.

What does ‘LEGO Masters’ consist of?
LEGO Masters’ is a format from Shine Iberia (a Banijay Company) in which 8 pairs of LEGO fans compete against each other in a series of tests in which they have to carry out ambitious constructions with LEGO pieces.

The protagonists have to demonstrate their skill and creativity under the watchful eye of a LEGO expert jury, Eva Hache and Pablo González, who will decide who continues in the competition.

The latest international revolution in television
LEGO Masters’ has landed with great success in many countries around the world. In the US, the FOX network premiered the second season last week after having premiered the format last year.

The show has already premiered on Europe’s major generalist networks. RTL (Germany), RTL4 (Netherlands), M6 (France) and Channel 4 (UK) have adapted the format and are preparing new seasons after its good ratings. In the Netherlands, there are even celebrity and children’s versions of the show.

The show has also been broadcast in Australia on Nine. Such has been its great success that, after three seasons, the show has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Eva Hache
Eva Hache needs no introduction. She is one of Spain’s best-known presenters. She has 20 years of experience hosting successful programmes such as ‘El club de la comedia’, ‘Got Talent España’, or ‘La paisana’. She has also starred in her own programmes such as ‘Con Hache de Eva’ and ‘Noche Hache’. Recently she has had a prominent presence in the successful format ‘Mask Singer’.

She is an all-rounder and has also demonstrated her great talent as an actress in numerous plays, films and well-known television series. Her long relationship with acting and her skills on stage have led her to present on several occasions one of the biggest national events: the Goya awards gala.

She is unstoppable and is here to prove it again as a member of the jury of ‘LEGO Masters’. Eva is a great fan of LEGO constructions and together with her son she enjoys this hobby with which she develops and expresses all her creativity. Her great interest in the LEGO universe has even led her to visit the LEGO world headquarters in Billund (Denmark).

Pablo González
Pablo González is a LEGO designer. He is part of the LEGO MASTERS jury as a LEGO expert and his great experience with LEGO blocks backs him up. His first contact with LEGO construction was with a LEGO Technic set given to his son, he helped him to assemble it and since then he has not stopped building, 13 years ago now.

His love of robotics and electronics led him to discover that LEGO was the perfect platform for prototyping and designing robots. Later he discovered and built other LEGO themes. After building a portfolio of his own LEGO creations, he was recruited as an official LEGO designer.

He is a mining engineer and for 15 years he developed all kinds of projects, from motorway tunnels and AVE (high speed trains) throughout Spain to wind farms in Kenya, and even founded his own 3D printing company.

All this background makes Pablo González the most demanding and technical member of the ‘LEGO Masters’ jury.