• The public, via streaming, crowned Sofía with the title of “Prodigy of the Year”.
  • The final gala (#Prodigios5) last night achieved a record number of viewers for this edition: 1,257,000 followers on La 1.

Sofía Rodríguez, a little violin virtuoso, became the winner of the third edition of the musical talent show ‘Prodigios’ on Saturday, in an exciting final broadcast on La 1, which registered the highest number of viewers this season: 1,257,000 people on average (7.9% audience share), with up to 4,491,000 followers at some point during the night.

Without a live audience at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre in Valladolid, during the recording of the final the programme had a streaming audience who decided to crown Sofía. As a reward for her effort and talent, she was awarded the title “Prodigy of the Year”, 20,000 euros in cash and a four-day intensive course at the prestigious Centro de Alto Rendimiento Musical de la Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid. “Many thanks to my teachers, to my mother who supports me in everything and to all my family,” said Sofía after hearing her name called and receiving the trophy from trumpet player Rubén Simeó.

In the first part of the gala, the six finalists performed and the jury, composed that night by Nacho Duato, José Manuel Zapata and Rubén Simeó, was in charge of choosing the best in each category: Sofía Rodríguez (Instrumental), Jorge García (Dance) and Lorena Bonnín (Singing).

“It seems to me that Sofía has been touched by a magic wand. Playing the violin like that at the age of 10, with that technique, that lyricism and, above all, with that speed, I think it’s amazing. If she continues like this, with this discipline and with this desire to eat up the world with the violin, she will soon begin to make a career as a soloist in many auditoriums”, congratulated Rubén Simeó after her first performance, in which she played the song ‘Tico Tico’ by Zequinha de Abreu. It was a song from the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ that helped him win over the audience.

She loves the violin, ballet, her pigtails and ice-cream.
Sofia defines herself as a shy girl and a bit of a flirt. She loves her pigtails and says they give her confidence. When Sofia was only three years old, she started playing the violin because her brother is a violinist and she wanted to learn too. After giving up the instrument for a while, she took it up again at the age of six and since then she hasn’t stopped perfecting her technique.

She identifies with Alaska’s song ‘A quién le importa’, because “some people say that the violin is very easy or silly, but I love it”, she admits. She dreams of becoming like Lindsey Stirling, the American violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer, “because she’s half rocker and dances while playing the violin”. Although she is only 11 years old, she is already an expert in musical challenges.

She has entered several competitions in France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal. One of her rituals after a concert is to eat an ice cream. She is also a great lover of ballet and, in the final of ‘Prodigios’, she dared to do a balancé with Nacho Duato.