Nininho Vaz Maia and Cuca Roseta debut in The Voice family, joining Bárbara Tinoco and Carlão. The four mentors will occupy the chairs of the new edition and help the young talented singers in the challenge of their lives.
A new season of The Voice Kids is coming! Starting April 14th, with Catarina Furtado as host and Catarina Maia accompanying everything happening backstage, the stage of all dreams will once again welcome the young talents on Sunday nights. For Nininho Vaz Maia, “The Voice Kids is a great adventure for the children and undoubtedly much more for me. I’m looking forward to being with the candidates, learning from them and also from my fellow mentors. I’m really happy to be part of this adventure.”. Cuca Roseta says, “It proves to be really special, and the audience can expect a season with many laughs and many tears, anything can happen … and everything will happen.”
Carlão tells us that “the new season of Kids is about maturity and being ‘at ease’. The fourth time I sit in that chair, I do it with a relaxation and confidence that allow me to enjoy the experience much more. Ready to learn from those incredible kids, always expecting the unexpected.”.
Bárbara Tinoco shares that “this new season of The Voice Kids is full of new beginnings, coincidences, and filled with kids from various corners of the world. As always, it is us adults who learn the most, and as always, it is a season full of talent. Some things never change, and that’s a good thing, as I said, this is a season full of new beginnings.”.But we have more news, for the first time, The Voice Kids features a super pass, a button that will give direct access to the Galas, automatically blocking all mentors in the game.All good reasons to tune in to The Voice Kids on RTP1 starting April 14th. There’s a lot to see on the country’s most famous stage, so get ready! All the latest news on The Voice’s official Facebook and Instagram.