• Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz will be in charge of judging a very special generation of aspirants: a salesman with a Viking aesthetic, a poker player, the daughter of Barça’s doctor, a Civil Guardwoman delighted with her job because it gives her a break from her children and a businesswoman determined to work at ABaC even though Jordi Cruz doesn’t want her to.
  • In this season, in which ‘MasterChef’ will celebrate its 200th programme on air, the programme reinforces its commitment to social canteens, delivers more than 350 menus full of hope and pays tribute to the volunteers of the Food Bank with the help of Antonio Orozco.
  • Among other challenges, the contestants will cook in freezing temperatures of -12ºC, serve a cocktail at the presentation of a film with Arturo Valls, Ana Milán and Ernesto Sevilla, prepare a menu by Saúl Craviotto for the Spanish athletes going to the Tokyo Olympics, work for the first time for the team at Les Cols restaurant (two Michelin stars) and be captained by Antony and Henar, contestants from ‘MasterChef Junior 8’.
  • Dabiz Muñoz, Eneko Atxa, Ángel León, Martin Berasategui, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas, Carlos Maldonado, Alaska, Josie, Santiago Segura, Boris Izaguirre… great chefs, celebrities and prominent names will visit the kitchens of ‘MasterChef 9’.
  • Premiere on Tuesday, April 13, at 22:00h on La 1

The kitchens of ‘MasterChef’ turn on the cookers of its ninth edition next Tuesday 13 April at 22.00 on La 1. The culinary talent produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia opens its doors to make the aspirants’ dreams come true and bring the best television entertainment and the richness of our gastronomy to all homes. MasterChef’ will celebrate its 200th programme during the season, which already represents the participation of more than 350 contestants, chefs and friends, and will be celebrated with a special programme.
During the confinement, the kitchens became the epicentre of the houses. For some, necessity forced them to get closer to the cooker, and for others, it seemed the perfect moment to recover lost traditional flavours or to innovate with almost impossible recipes. It is not surprising that, since then, the number of subscribers to the MasterChef online school has doubled or that ‘La Biblia de MasterChef’ has become the best-selling book of the talent to date. This gastronomic boom has been fuelled by the free hours at home and the private classes that great chefs, such as Jordi Cruz, gave through their social networks. All this privileged training was available to anyone willing to cook, have fun and learn. Thanks to this, the casting of ‘MasterChef 9’ has broken all records with more than 70,000 applications to participate in the ninth edition of the talent show. More than twice as many as the previous year.
With so many applications and such a high culinary level among the participants, the jury will be forced to change the requirements to get the white apron. They will only be able to become ‘MasterChef’ contestants if they conquer the palates of the three members of the jury. Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera will taste the dishes of a born salesman with a Viking aesthetic, a poker player, the daughter of Barça’s doctor, a Civil Guardwoman who loves her job because it gives her a break from her three children and a businesswoman who has been to a large number of boarding schools, determined to work at ABaC even if Jordi Cruz doesn’t want her to. The winner will receive the programme’s trophy, 100,000 euros and the chance to publish their own recipe book. In addition, the Basque Culinary Center Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in San Sebastian will train the first three winners. The winner will receive a Master’s Degree in Cuisine, Technique and Product, the second a Master’s Degree in Patisserie and the third an eight-week Specialisation Course. Those who demonstrate their effort during the competition will receive various prizes and rewards.