• They will cook while sharing a giant jacket, power their kitchens by pedalling a stationary bike and identify Asian products labelled in their original languages.
  • They will go back 2,000 years to experience the splendour of Augusta Emerita, take over the kitchens of Dabiz Muñoz’s RavioXO and serve a menu by Quique Dacosta at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz.
  • The prestigious Italian chef Massimo Bottura will visit the MasterChef kitchens for the first time for a thrilling final duel.
  • Premiere 12 September at 22:00 hours on La 1 and RTVE Play
  • Meet the 15 contestants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’.

MasterChef Celebrity’ is, for many of the celebrities who have donned the apron, one of the most exciting and demanding experiences of their lives. The talent show, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, tests their ability to work under pressure, reveals virtues they had not identified and turns them into lovers of cooking and gastronomy. In this new edition, Norma Duval, Patricia Conde, Pepe Barroso, Isabelle Junot, María Zurita, Fernando Andina, Manu Baqueiro, Nico Abad, Daniela Santiago, Xavier Deltell, María Escoté, Emmanuel Esparza, Lorena Castell, Eduardo Rosa and Ruth Lorenzo will feel the vertigo that comes with facing unpredictable culinary challenges.

In the outdoor tests, the teams will be in charge of an exclusive cocktail party at the Hippodrome in Madrid; they will work next to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao; they will take over the kitchens of RavioXo to delight the friends of chef Dabiz Muñoz (3 Repsol suns); or they will serve a menu by Quique Dacosta (5 Repsol suns) at the iconic Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel, which will be tasted by ten renowned chefs of the stature of Elena Arzak (3 Repsol suns), Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert (3 Repsol suns), María José San Román (2 Repsol suns) and Pepa Muñoz (1 Repsol sun). They will even go back 2,000 years to discover the splendour of Augusta Emerita (Mérida).

The effort will be rewarded with a solidarity prize of 75,000 euros, which can be donated to the NGO of the winner’s choice, and the prized ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ trophy. In addition, the duelists will win a weekend creative cooking course at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. All the contestants will be able to do their bit for a charitable cause, because in all the programmes, the best in one of the tests will win 4,000 euros for an NGO.